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Suisei no Gargantia Episode 5 — “Why is this necessary?”

Gargantia Ep 5 OP

Suisei no Gargantia has been interesting to follow not because of the plot itself (thus far, it’s just been a foreigner trying to integrate into a new society), but because every moment of it has “Butcher” Gen Urobuchi lurking in the background.  Questions about the direction of the story aren’t motivated by “what would be logical given the information we have thus far?” but rather by “What Would Urobutcher Do?”  Continue reading


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Attack on Titan Episode 5 — Human after all

Attack on Titan Ep 5 OP

The defining feature of Attack on Titan is how utterly human all of its characters are.  Some of this is a function of the sheer power that the titans exude, which frames everything the characters do as ultimately futile.  The majority of this realism, however, comes from the actions the characters take themselves.  All of the characters deal with themes like loyalty and honor, and are forced to reconcile them with their ultimate mortality—the simple fact that their flesh and bones can be consumed in an instant by any one of the marauding titans.  This theme of a conflict between human realities and its ideals reaches its apex in this episode. Continue reading

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