Suisei no Gargantia Episode 5 — “Why is this necessary?”

Gargantia Ep 5 OP

Suisei no Gargantia has been interesting to follow not because of the plot itself (thus far, it’s just been a foreigner trying to integrate into a new society), but because every moment of it has “Butcher” Gen Urobuchi lurking in the background.  Questions about the direction of the story aren’t motivated by “what would be logical given the information we have thus far?” but rather by “What Would Urobutcher Do?”  Urobuchi, for his part, has done his duty as a trolling creator by making good on his tweet during Madoka’s run, “It’s time to recognize me as a healing-type(iyashikei) writer”.  To date, there has been no blood spilled on the show, and we’re a good third of the way in.  This episode is half “let’s go find a job!” and half standard beach filler/comic relief.  I could understand the theory behind such a filler episode if there was ANY ACTION AT ALL, but the whole show has been us peering into the soul of Ledo as he comes to terms with the open-ended nature of non-military life.

Still, the “let’s go find a job!” part of the episode wasn’t that bad.  We start with Ledo (as always) introspectively drilling a hole in the hideauze tooth, and he wants to do something useful for society.  Chambers tells him that he has basically no skills that are suited for civilian work, so he should just spend more time introspectively drilling holes and feel sad for himself.  Amy comes along, and being the positive person she is, tries to find him work; eventually they come to the same conclusion that Chambers did.  Then the ship stops, and when the ship stops, it’s party time!

So then we end up with this:

Gargantia Ep 5 Mid 1

And let’s not forget, anyone who isn’t as straight as an arrow is  a) a super-ripped drag queen and b) always looking to rape the main character:

Gargantia Ep 5 Mid 2

At the same time, it’s totally normal for a 20-something year old guy to want to hold a private bikini party with three fifteen year-old girls:

Gargantia Ep 5 Mid 3

And girls should continue to be punished for not being anorexic:

Gargantia Ep 5 ED

Yea.  This was a pretty terrible episode, and right now, seems to be entirely skip-able.  Nothing happens to advance the plot, and the episode itself isn’t intrinsically interesting.  I might find myself more sympathetic to Ledo’s struggles to find a job if it weren’t for the fact that Chambers is the one doing all the heavy lifting (literally) and Ledo is basically just looking for a way to entertain himself.  I find myself echoing Chambers in asking “Why is this necessary?  I repeat: Why is this necessary?”  Gen Urobuchi, I concede; you can write non-depressing, non-violent material.  Now that we’ve established that, go back to killing people now, please.


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